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Baku Child Fair, which will be organized for the first time this year by the Toy Industry Association of Azerbaijan (TOYAS), aims to be an important fair bringing together this sector in the Caucasus region. The dynamic socio-economic development that has taken place in Azerbaijan in recent years is welcomed by most of the countries of the world, as well as by very influential international organizations and as a result, the name of our country is shown in the leading places in various rankings. This is no coincidence either, as the Republic of Azerbaijan cooperates very effectively with international financial institutions, and the reforms, social policy, implemented infrastructure projects and other necessary measures are based on a correct, well-thought-out strategy and are aimed at the sustainable development of the country and improvement of living standards.

Inspired by this ongoing development, the TOYAS team took all the necessary steps to organize a large-scale fair in Azerbaijan for the first time that will take place on March 28-30, 2024.


At Baku Child Fair, you will not only be aware of the latest developments in the sector and see a wide range of products, but you will also take the first step for successful cooperation with the important stakeholders of the sector.

A special section of Mother and Baby products will be created at the Baku Child Fair. The display of these products, which are increasing their share in the sector, will be important for the exhibitors and visitors.

The staff of the Toy Industry Association of Azerbaijan (TOYAS) is confident that


this exhibition will play a big role in establishing friendship and trade relations by bringing brands from different regions, countries and cultures together.

Baku Child Fair is a new experience for us. When this is the case, hesitation is inevitable. But as positive feedback from our colleagues in the international arena increases, we gain strength to cope with this mission.



We were very excited by the news that the Baku Child Fair will be held in our sister country, Azerbaijan, and we immediately booked our place there. For us, this is both a moral debt and a serious opportunity for new business cooperation.

Mahmut DUMAN


In recent days, two happy news came from Azerbaijan. The establishment of the Azerbaijan Toy Association and the holding of the Baku Child Fair are among the best steps taken for children.